Unless your home is newly built, it is likely the piping within your house is outdated and at risk for damages over time. In severe cases, such as homes older than 80 to 100 years, there is a chance the piping is beyond repair and will need to be replaced. Or if your old home has lead piping, a full piping replacement will be needed for the sake of your health. Here are a few signs to look out for that will tell you the piping of your house needs updated and replaced:

Your Pipes are Old and Outdated

Materials used to manufacture piping like clay, cast iron, or copper, will eventually deteriorate over time. Exposure to the natural elements, especiallypipe replacement underground where pipes are laid, will lead to corrosion and rust in the pipes.

The material likely to be found in your home’s piping depends on the year it was built. Most modern homes today have brass, copper, or PVC piping. But in old homes, materials like lead, galvanized steel, and those mentioned above are likely to have been used in the construction of your home. Strong materials like brass, cast iron, and galvanized steel have a lifespan of 80 to 100 years, copper has a lifespan of 70 to 80 years, and PVC piping expires after about 25 to 45 years.

The Pipe Material is Unstable

People have been building homes in Colorado Springs for well over a hundred years, and many of those homes are still standing today. Whether you live in an old home or are on the market to buy a home in Colorado Springs, it is crucial you know the condition of your home’s piping; especially if your home was built in the early 1900s. Common piping materials used in this time were clay and cast iron. After continuous exposure to the natural environment, the integrity of your home’s piping will eventually decline as time goes on.

There is Discoloration in Water

One of the most obvious signs your piping needs replaced is if your tap water is discolored. If the water out of your faucet is brown, your pipes will need a professional assessment immediately and likely replaced.

The cause of discoloration in your tap water is typically corrosion, leaving rust to fall off the piping wall and mix in with your water. Immediate professional service is needed if your water comes out of the faucet discolored. If left untreated, the rust and other minerals will begin to build up in your pipes, and lead to a severe clog.

If There are Leaks

If you have found leaks from your piping, you may need to have a full replacement. Leaks or pinholes in the piping can lead to loss of water pressure. As the water leaks in areas of your home’s structure, it can damage the foundation and framing. If you find leaks from your pipes, contact a professional technician immediately to determine if your pipes will need to be replaced.

Tree Roots Have Invaded Your Pipes

If tree roots have grown into your underground pipes, you will likely need a full replacement. In the past few decades, it was common for septic lines to be built with clay and cast iron. These materials gradually decay over time and can be easily infiltrated by tree roots. Tree roots are strong enough to crumble the piping, especially through joints and seams, in their search for water. A quick way to determine if your pipes are at risk of a tree root intrusion is to notice any grown, mature trees around your property. Tree roots can also grow and wrap around piping, then eventually squeeze the pipe, causing it to burst.

How to Check Your Home’s Piping Quickly

If you have any exposed piping throughout your house, you can check the condition of those to determine the quality of the rest of the piping in your home. If you see cracks, bulges or other irregularities in the exposed piping, there is a good chance the rest of your piping is in the same condition.

To quickly test for corrosion and rust in piping, fill a clear glass with water and check for any debris at the bottom of the glass.

The Best Time to Replace Piping

If you do not notice any of these signs that your pipes need replacing, there are still times you can replace your piping. During a remodel and home renovation, take the opportunity of having your piping exposed to replace it with updated materials and techniques. This will give you peace of mind that your piping is safe for you and your home for decades to come. Especially if your house is old, add a pipe replacement to your list of renovation projects.

If you are requiring plumbing services more often on your piping, it may be time to finally upgrade the piping in your home with a full replacement service. Now that you know the signs that tell your home’s pipes need replacing, it is crucial you stay aware and vigilant in the case you start noticing them. Regularly check the condition of your home’s exposed pipes, such as pipes in the basement, around the water heater, under the kitchen and bathroom sinks, and in the utility room.

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