A camera scope inspection can locate where any problems are and provide you with a video to compare in the future if no immediate repair is needed.

The sewer camera is a great tool to inspect the inside of a sewer drain pipe. It is a good idea to have a camera inspection done after snaking the sewer, before buying a house, or just to provide peace of mind.  The cost of a video sewer inspection is definitely a worthwhile investment compared to the cost of sewer line replacement.

If a back up occurs in your main sewer line, it is best to have the sewer line video scope inspected immediately after having the blockage cleared. At this point the sewer will be as close to clean as possible. This allows for the camera to see the most inside the pipe and the view will not be nearly as obstructed as it would have been before hand. Once we can see clearly, we can determine what caused the back up. From there we can come up with the next course of action if required. If you are located in the Colorado Springs area, you can schedule this service today!

Sewer Inspections should be inspected before you buy a home.

Before buying a house is one of the best times to have a sewer video inspection done. A sewer inspection is not included during the regular home inspection in a lot of cases. Many older homes have issues in the sewer line drain that could become major problems in the future if left unattended. The best time to identify these is before you buy the house and they become your problems. Also, it is best to check the sewer line of newer homes as well. People are not perfect and sometimes mistakes are made during construction. Don’t assume just because a house is newer that the sewer line is in perfect condition. Hopefully after the video inspection is done, no issues or problems were found with the sewer line. At that point you can have peace of mind knowing you do not need to worry about having a costly repair or replacement sneak up on you.

If a problem is visible with the sewer camera inside the pipe, we can take the guess work out of finding it under ground. Using a state of the art locator, we can pin point exactly where the problem is. Whether it is under the house, in the yard, or out in the street, we can eliminate a lot of cost by only repairing the broken section. Or, in cases of the whole sewer line being compromised, we can let you know up front instead of trying to piece together several repairs.

The more you know about your house, the better you will be able to make informed decisions when the time comes. Having a sewer video scope is another tool a home owner can use to make sure they get the most out of their investment. Simply knowing what to plan for in the future, can provide peace of mind for anyone. Request a sewer scope for your home in the Colorado Springs area with Dan’s Drains and Digs.

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