We bring you the best sewer and water line repair and replacement services in Colorado Springs

Underground sewer or water line repair or replacement can involve anything from a small hole in a basement floor to an entire yard trench. Every problem is unique and requires professional plumbing attention to determine the best course of action. Once we are able to identify the problem we can let you know what the next steps are to resolve the issue.

Sewer and Water Line Repair Services

Repairs can be done when only a part or certain section of the pipe is broken or compromised. We have qualified professionals on hand to locate the issue, determine the best way to repair it, and complete the repair itself. Whether the pipe is copper, galvanized, PVC, pex, SDR, cast iron, clay, concrete, or any other material we can handle any needed repair. If a full replacement is not needed, the option to repair is quite a bit cheaper in most cases.

Sewer and Water Line Replacement Services

A full line replacement should be done if the entire line is compromised, multiple spot repairs are too costly, or simply for peace of mind. Many things can cause an entire service line to fail. Roots, rust, ground shifting, old age, or even some chemicals can cause problems with certain kinds of pipe. Roots can push the pipe apart and form a kind of net that catches solids in sewer lines causing back ups. Rust or corrosion can cause the pipe to deteriorate or become clogged. Ground shifting can cause pipes to become crushed, misaligned, or sloped the wrong way. All pipes will eventually fail due to old age. Chemicals can also dissolve some types of pipes. In the case of clay pipe, for example, the clay will always fall apart at some point. Probably sooner rather than later. It is usually the best option to replace the whole sewer line if it is made of clay, and cheaper in the long run.

Many problems can be avoided by having one of our plumbing professionals assess your pipes. Contact us in Colorado Springs to schedule an inspection and we can let you know what kind of condition your pipes are in.

Clay and Cast Iron Pipes

Clay Pipe Replacement

Clay sewer lines are notorious for having roots grow into them. Once roots get inside, they will keep coming back and causing backups to happen. Snaking the pipe out is only a temporary solution at best. Eventually the roots will push the clay joints apart and the pipe will fill with mud and dirt or collapse entirely. Also since clay is a brittle material, any ground shifting or movement can cause cracks, breaks, separations, and offsets. All of these can lead to total failure of the pipe if not addressed in a proper manner.

Cast Iron Pipe Replacement

Cast iron pipe is only used for certain applications today. Years ago however, it was one of the main materials for drain line installation. Over time the pipe can rust and corrode from both the inside and outside. Especially if the pipe is outside the foundation. This can allow water to drain outside the pipe causing an erosion problem under the foundation, or the pipe itself. Also mud and dirt can wash back into the pipe causing the water flow to be blocked.

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