Most homeowners don’t often think about the sewer lines throughout their homes. If there is a problem with aroots in sewer line sewer pipe, however, it can lead to a very messy and unsanitary situation. One of the main causes of sewer line issues is tree root infiltration. If you suspect that this has happened to you, we can help with our video camera inspection and sewer pipe cleaning services. Read on to learn more about roots in sewer lines and the solutions available to you.

How Tree Roots Get into Your Sewer Pipes

Tree roots overtaking sewer pipes is not an overnight occurrence. Sometimes, roots get into the pipes through pre-existing cracks or areas near pipe fittings. Other times, the pressure of the roots inside the pipe cracks them, allowing more roots in. Clay pipes are particularly susceptible to root infiltration, but any sewer pipe can have this issue.

It’s also important to note that some tree species are more likely to cause sewer pipe issues. Oak, willow, and citrus are some of the trees whose roots can wreak havoc on your sewer system. Roots of some shrubs can also be culprits of major plumbing issues.

Prevent Tree Roots From Invading Your Pipes

Before planting trees and bushes on your property, research available species, and plant accordingly. Also, know where your sewer lines run before planting. Give your trees room to grow with enough space for roots to spread without being able to disturb your plumbing.

If trees already exist on your property, a checkup of your sewer lines with a video scope can tell you the condition of the pipes. This will let you know if there are cracks or broken pipes that need to be dealt with and if there are already roots infiltrating the pipes that could cause problems down the road.

Signs That You Have Roots in Your Sewer Lines

The signs of roots in sewer lines are not always evident right away. Your tub might be draining sluggishly and snaking it doesn’t seem to help. Your toilet may get clogged, or maybe you notice a bad smell coming from drains throughout your home.

The reason for these plumbing situations could be that the roots from nearby trees have obstructed your sewer pipes. Roots can clog up the sewer lines, and if the clog gets too large, the pipe can break.

Benefits of Camera Root Inspections

The video camera we use to look for the location of roots in your sewer pipes can also be used to see broken and damaged pipes that could be part of the root problem. A cracked sewer pipe makes it easier for your tree’s root system to infiltrate the pipe and cause leaks, clogs, and even property damage.

With our state-of-the-art camera inspection equipment, we no longer have to dig around your yard searching for the pipes or the location of the clog once the pipe is found. Using a camera to inspect the pipes gives customers peace of mind before and after clearing the blockage in the sewer pipe. We use the camera beforehand to show the exact location of the clog. Afterward, we can show you the results achieved in removing the roots in your sewer pipes. If you have additional questions, reach out to us at Dan’s Drains and Digs.